Job Specifications for Kitchen Grease Exhaust Vent System Cleaning (KEC) - 2017

PDF - Printable Specification List

     1.   ALL Interior Ductwork, Air Flow portions of fans, and Hood areas to be left completely free of grease and carbon
           (all ductwork cleaned down to bare metal) unless otherwise noted. (Exhaust side only) Please note that this does
           not include the make up air system or grease exhaust filters. Grease Filters can be cleaned upon request for
           additional cost. Note: All specifications are only for the systems that are scheduled and cleaned.

     2.   No coatings are to be sprayed onto the clean ductwork after cleaning. (Example: Fire protection powder, lime
           powder, etc.)

     3.   Working areas around and by exhaust vent systems will be protected and left clean (in condition found at start of
           job) after the job is complete. This includes areas around/under ducts, fans, roofs, hoods, floors in working area,
           ceilings under ducts, etc.

     4.   Electrical outlets and connections shall be protected in, around and under the cleaning area.

     5.   Stainless hoods are to be polished inside and out unless otherwise requested.

     6.   The ductwork shall have adequate access for cleaning and so all interior portions can be visible for an inspection
           by the customer and various inspectors after cleaning. Additional UL listed access will be installed at
           customer’s expense prior to or during the cleaning if needed. No part shall be left inaccessible
           detailed written documentation to be given to customer immediately following job completion upon which a return
           trip for proper access will be performed ASAP.

     7.   The kitchen equipment power and gas is to be reconnected with pilot lights relit where applicable.

     8.   The exhaust system is to be restarted at end of job and any obvious problems with the wiring or fan condition noted
           on the work order. This also should be reported to the Maintenance staff ASAP.

     9.   A certification sticker showing the job completion date and the next recommended cleaning month and year shall
           be applied to the hoods of the systems cleaned at the end of the job. (1 per system). Hood certification Stickers are
           to be date punched. Crew signature may be written where required.

    10.  Certification stickers with date and crew initials are to be placed on each access panel opened during the cleaning

    11.  A KEC report is to be left on the job site detailing what cleaning was done, system descriptions of systems cleaned,
           and any pre-existing conditions and deficiencies found. A picture of the KEC report to be included with the job
           pictures. Pre-existing conditions should be signed off by the site Manager on duty or engineer on duty when

    12.  A follow up report (job check out) by phone or in person will be done by the Enviromatic staff as soon as possible
           after the cleaning. (Normally 8am-11am in the morning). We ask that the opening manager voice any concerns
           immediately at that time. Problems found by crews should be addressed at this time.

    13.  Digital pictures of completed work are to be taken for customer for each cleaning per Enviromatic picture guide.
           Pictures will be taken upon job completion. Picture should also be taken of any problems. Pictures are also to be
           reviewed by experienced Certified (CESI) Enviromatic Inspectors to verify job is correctly cleaned with proper

    14.  The soaps used for exhaust cleaning shall be an alkaline or neutral based with a PH 7 or above but less than PH 12
           to prevent damage to metal ductwork and rooftops. They should be USDA approved for food service use. MSDS
           sheets shall be available.

    15.  All wastewater and/or greasy water is to be disposed on in an environmentally safe manner through the sanitary
           drain system. Rooftop wastewater is to be collected before leaving the roof and dumped inside. Fan drip pans are
           to be emptied and left clean.

    16.  The final PH of the wastewater must be between a PH of 5 and a PH of 10. High or low PH wastewater must be
           treated before disposing to bring it into compliance.

    17.  ALL workers (incl. owners) of Enviromatic Corp are to be covered by workman's comp. insurance, liability insurance
           of at least $3,000,000 coverage, and all shall be bonded. The job shall be covered by completed operations
           insurance. (Which protects the customer after the crew leaves the job site). The insurance is to conform to the
           site owners/management requirements and list the proper parties as additionally insured. Insurance including
           Umbrella is to be at $10,000,000 total.

    18.  All Enviromatic Corp workers at the job site shall be fully trained and bonded employees of Enviromatic Corp (or
           trainees with at least 2 experienced trainers). No subcontractors are to be used for KEC.

    19.  Enviromatic Corp employees shall have completed training and safety programs with proper fit testing of eye
           protection, respiratory protection masks, fall restraint devices, confined space training/extraction, and safety lockout
           procedures as required by OSHA with the proper safety equipment need for scheduled project on site & available.

    20.  All KEC is to be guaranteed to meet or exceed above standards and pass local fire and health inspection and follow
           NFPA 96 guidelines upon completion.

    21.  AHJ’s (Ex: inspectors) will be notified of the job completion time where required.

    22.  Applicable licensing will be in force and required permits pulled for the KEC work.

    23.  Enviromatic Corp staff are IKECA certified as required. (CECS and/or CESI)