ViroGuard Information

Tired of the never-ending monthly expense and the mess of rooftop pads and other grease absorbents around your fans?
Read below and click on each of the links for the complete rooftop grease containment solution!!

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--   Upblast fan weld in schematic
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--   Keeping a Roof Clean

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Where does your grease, chemicals and wastewater go when your fan is cleaned?

WHAT IS ViroGuard?

ViroGuard is a cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly
containment system designed to protect your roof
from damaging grease and waste.

We designed ViroGuard to work seamlessly with any
rooftop fan installation and solve the problems
associated with outdated grease collection methods.

As one of the nation’s leading duct cleaning
companies, we developed this patented system
with the duct cleaner in mind. It replaces messy,
expensive pads, eliminates the burden of monthly
maintenance costs and keeps your roof clean and
safe. ViroGuard is quite simply the perfect solution
for your rooftop grease problems.


• Prevents leakage, protects your roof and
prolongs fan life

• Specially designed to keep grease in and
excess rainwater out

• 20 year roof warranty against grease leakage
from ViroGuard

• Exclusive rain shield keeps a majority of rain
and snow out. Tested for 10 - 15" rainfalls

• PVC custom ball valve with galvanized backup
drain plug resists grease and is weatherproof

• Full compliance with the EPA Cleanwater Act