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--   Lifetime Stainless Steel. The ViroGuard ROOFTOP GREASE/OIL COLLECTION/CONTAINMENT SYSTEM is made from 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel made to last a lifetime and to always looks great below your fan!

--   Custom Hinge Kits. The ViroGuard includes complete custom Virospec hinge kits.

--   Rainshield Hinges. The ViroGuard includes Stainless steel hinges on all rainshields.

--   High Rainfail Capacity. The ViroGuard has over 5 cubic feet of capacity for standard 6' units (able to handle in excess of a 10-15" rainfall or more with the rainshields in place).

--   Resistant Ball Valve. PVC custom ball valve resists grease, water and the weather to last a lifetime.

--   Limited Lifetime Warranty. Limited lifetime warranty against factory defects.

--   No Messy Pads. The ViroGuard has no more messy pads to maintain and dispose of.

--   Flush and Drain Maintenance. The ViroGuard required no service contracts to change pads or rocks, your exhaust cleaning company simply flushes and drains the unit during their normal cleaning visit.

--   Roof Protection. The ViroGuard also protects your roof both between and (unlike other units on the market) during the exhaust system maintenance cleaning protecting both your roof and the environment! You do not have to cover or remove the unit and run the grease onto the roof like other units! It's your cleaning company's dream protection unit!

--   No Grease Leakage. The ViroGuard unit can be plumbed back into the grease stack eliminating any potential for grease leakage on roof, simply open the valve when cleaning the system and it drains back into to grease exhaust system.

--   Standard Plumbing Fittings. Unit can be plumbed with a standard 1-1/2" hose bard to fit standard industrial vacuum hoses so unit can be run down to wet vac or to bucket during cleaning.

--   Drain Location. The ViroGuard unit can also be run to nearest drain with a standard 1-1/2" vac hose (not recommended unless sanitary sewer).

--   Rainshield Features. The ViroGuard RAINSHIELD edge sits 1-2" above the base of the fan on most fans (or on the bowl on Breeder style fans) to allow grease leakage from the base of the fan to run into unit while keeping most of the rain out.

--   Seamless Welds. Seamless welded unit does not allow any grease to reach roof area.

--   No More Outside Grease Leakage. The ViroGuard fits on outside, top and into the grease exhaust stack leaving no areas unprotected and fixing most curb installation problems. No more leakage between the containment unit and the roof and no more flimsy flashings required.

--   Convenient Size and Location Standards. The ViroGuard is a convenient size to allow easy access to the grease exhaust for cleaning only extending out approx. 10" from the curb allowing servicing without having to protect or stand on the unit.

--   Easy Bucket Draining. In extreme cases, the ViroGuard can be easily drained off into a bucket on the roof from the drain barb if you are late for you normal cleaning cycle. It should never need service between normal cleanings.

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